Founder Of Apollonia Yacht Travel

Evelyn Preka born and raised in Greece. She founded Apollonia Yachts in 1987.

Her professionalism and integrity as well as her excellent customer service have generously contributed undoubtfully to the Hellenic’s (Greek) Yachting Chartering  development.

Her love for the sea and boats was passed on to customers who later
 became friends. Although she has retired she is still the beacon
 not only to her children, who still run the business, 
but also to other co-workers in the yacht charter industry.

Nicole Pitsikali is the owner of Apollonia Yacht Travel, born in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
She was raised in Greece and after her High School graduation she studied Travel & Tourism in Toronto, Canada.
After working in the tourism industry for many years she took over her family business Apollonia Yacht Travel, located in Athens, Greece. Not only she managed to maintain the company’s credibility, but she expanded the business and opened a branch office in Thirasia island, Santorini. Τhe love for the island, for the nature and the animals led her to start walking / hiking tours on Thirasia island so that through this activity she can share her passion for life close to nature with every visitor.
Her moto ‘’ patience is a virtue’’ is the key to offer her best services even to the most demanding clients.





Margarita Pitsikali, born and raised in Greece where she  studied Travel & Tourism.

Her more than 20years experience in the yacht charter field makes her  automatically the ideal  person to organize your Yacht charter holidays in Greece. Her friendliness and patience as well as the industry knowledge are skills that complete the foundation stone for a great customer service.