Walking tours on Thirasia island with Nicole

I’m not a painter, Daughter Thirassia. But I will tell you with lime and sea. I will preach you with what I write in what I do. I will offer you a life (the life I have not claimed) without policemen, without files, without cells. Only with a white bird over your head. I will plant vines-words. I will build a Palace with what you give me to love. From Igesos I will reach Saint Catherine. Earth and peace I will bring.’’

(Poem by Odysseas Elitis)


Thirasia the daughter of King Thiras, the wild island in Santorini awaits to be explored and offer hand fully its positive energy and feelings of the past. Nicole who is resident on Thirasia island will welcome you with her smile and walk with you to hidden paths. Be ready to travel back in time to maybe 50 years ago. Along your short adventure herbal aromas and flavors of local trees and plants, white washed houses, old chapels will follow you as you discover the traditional local lifestyle that may change your idea of life …


From 17 March – 27th October
From: 08:00 am – 12:20
Meeting point: Ammoudi Bay ( Oia’s port)

Meet your local guide at Ammoudi, Oia’s port. From there, take the 7-minute ferry to Thirasia. Admire the spectacular scenery as you embark on a 2,5hour walking tour through unspoiled terrain to 3 villages.

Find out how the first village which was once the capital of the island is protected by UNESCO. Take in the wild landscape and tranquility as you walk up to the very top of the main village.


Smell the aroma of freshly baked bread. Drink a glass of wine and experience the local ”filoxenia” hospitality.

As you walk, learn about the history of the island and get a sense of the present local lifestyle from your guide.

End the tour at a restaurant where local dishes have been carefully selected for your lunch.