Sailing Yachts

Dear Charterer,

Mikonos greek island

Sailing in Greece among the numerous Greek islands is truly an experience of a different sort.

These island havens are a fantasy to the vacationer and available to anyone wishing to partake of their charms.

Through the years I and my husband, an excellent skipper, have personally skippered a great number of our customers to all the islands of the Aegean and lonian Sea, as well as Turkey.

I know very well the effect these places have had upon our charterers, and still have upon me each time I approach them. I never cease to steep in the pleasure of feeling these islands urge my sails towards their shores; each promising to reveal its own uniqueness even though I know them so very well.

Nor do I ever feel tired of revealing to each and every customer the various moods and romantic aura these islands exude: the seaside restaurants and tented tavernas, the candlelit nightspots, the dream- like swimming coves and sunbathing nooks, and the colorful people, whom I’ve come to know.

One may ask, “why APOLLONIA YACHTS?” Your calling upon us will allow me to share my country with you, as well as offer an intimate, personalized approach to handling your charter.

sailing in greece and the greek islandsIt is with pride that I claim that all of APOLLONIA YACHTS personnel are partners of our firm, who care as much as I do.

We will guide and assist you from the moment you seek to charter with us, until you arrive in Athens for your cruise

We shall personally attend to recommending an itinerary, familiarizing you with the Alimos Marina area where our office is located, assist you with shopping for your provisions, and offer anything and all you require for a smooth and comfortable embarkation

We will meet you at Athens Airport and provide transportation either to your yacht or hotel

Arrangements can be made for first class hotel accommodations should you decide upon a prolonged stay in Greece, and, if you wish it, we can provide land, sea and air vacation packages.

Our endeavors to maintain competitive charter rates equal our pride in our own sailing yachts. In their class, the yachts functional attractiveness, extremely low rates, more than standard extras and the best maintenance at all times, makes them outstanding.

Our only goal is satisfied charterers, and a company which will grow in the make of a job well done.

Most Sincerely,

Evelyn Preka
Managing Director of Apollonia Yachts Charters

*Officially Licenced (P.A/N.G 0206Ε63000233800) by the National Greek Tourism Organisation (GNTO)